Catch More Walleye With These River Walleye Fishing Secrets

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walleye fishing secretsWelcome to our river walleye fishing website where we will be offering you many different walleye fishing tips that have worked for us over the years.  These fishing tips will give the beginner as well as the weekend walleye fisherman a leg up and help you land these “eyes” more consistently with increasing size.  We hope you will interact with us because we are going to leave the comment section on and hope that the spammers don’t ruin the site.  This is our second try to keep our walleye river fishing site online without spammers and let’s hope it sticks this time.

We love fishing for walleye in rivers especially the Columbia River even thou above a dam it acts more like fishing lakes in Minnesota.  I will admit the first walleye I ever caught was at Black Duck lake in Minnesota and while there I also had the opportunity to jump across the Mississippi River, if you can believe that. We hope to give you all our walleye fishing secrets as we discover them but remember you will never catch any fish talking about it, you need to get out on the river and find those marble eyes.  I have written some articles on fishing walleye that you can find over at ezine articles if you want and as I discuss some of these river walleye fishing tactics I will give you a link to the article so I don’t have to paste them over here.  Freshwater fishing on the Columbia greatly depends on where you are fishing.  Up north closer to the Canadian border some of your best freshwater fishing tips do not work when you are fishing the waters that separate Washington and Oregon.

We just added a new post that will be sure to help you save some money.  It is called How To Save Your Bottom Bouncers and we are hoping if you like it, you will share it with others.  Thanks.   One thing is for certain, the top walleye fisherman do not rely entirely on dragging worm harnesses, they often times use crankbaits but if they find the walleye they love to use blade baits and you will see them hovering over one spot jigging to their hearts content.  Like all waters, you need to be prepared for all kinds of situations and sometimes it’s a jig bite while other times they want crank baits.

I just heard of walleye tournament held by a local club that started back in 2011.  They were walleye fishing in Washington State and as you can imagine the weather was a huge factor.  Wind and rain on Saturday but on Sunday those walleye fisherman encountered the best day of the year.  Low 60’s, near zero wind and a lot of burnt faces.  The only reason I mention this is the fact that largest walleye of the tournament went just over 16 lbs.  And as I recall the state record for Washington was set a couple of years ago just below Tri-Cities and that fish was about 3 lbs heavier.  At any rate the Columbia River is still pumping out some huge walleye for those who can fish in heavy wind.  If you know of some local walleye tournaments and want to get them announced please send us an email and we will be happy to start a new page on this site all about your tournament and we’d love to share the details with the readers on the site.  I am sure more walleye fisherman will be happy to know about these tournaments.

River Walleye Trophy Board

I will share any of your photo’s if you send them in to us.  We have a very small collection of photo’s right now and I hate putting our own on here all the time.  I know of some folks in our area that could send me 20+ walleye pictures of some monsters all over 10 pounds.   What we have found recently is the monsters are hard to come by except in early spring around February through March. The best luck of catching these huge walleye is to use blade bates and stay over the top of the fish as long as possible.

Others have success using tube baits tipped with a worm and these folks will either jig them or slow drift them down the river. I see one river walleyeguide on the river in the early months of the year and he always takes his clients to the same darn spot every year.  It is pretty obvious that if you can catch them there once, return the following year and if you catch these monster walleye again, then keep returning to the exact same river walleye honey hole.  Wouldn’t you agree.

River Walleye Expansion

You might as well bookmark this site: river walleye because we will be actively working on the site throughout the coming months. Yes, there is only one page on here so far, but that will change in the very near future.  We will be adding how to’s, where to’s and ask me’s to the site so you can interact with them. If we can get lucky we will try to interview Bob Crow and retired Walleye Pro who knows the Columbia River better than his back yard.  The guy catches fish every single trip he takes, unless the rollers are out there which happens a lot on that stretch of the river.  If we can’t get him on here we still have plenty of local fisherman who are more than willing to share their stories like the one we had last August.

While hunting for the walleye on the river my friends dad and I split up and tried two different sides of a drift.  Within 75 minutes his dad caught 10 beautiful walleye before he would call me and tell me what’s up.  All that time I was catching them on the other side of the drift which meant we found the honey hole for that stretch of time and during several more visits (at least 8 trips) limits could be had by all.  These walleye were the perfect frying size and the overall size of the fish in 2011 was better than previous years.

Walleye Fishing Rods

We have received a lot of emails lately concerning walleye fishing rods and what do we recommend.  Honestly, you can catch walleye on any ole’ fishing pole, but when we are trolling bottom bouncers we’ve had a preference to use longer rods.  One main reason is that our line can be further away from the boat path and the ease of fishing while we are trolling.  Because we use 2 ounce bottom bouncers it can really save your arm from a full day of fishing.  I tried the 7′ 6″ walleye trolling rod from Bass Pro and really like it but found out quickly that it will wear you out.  So I decided to switch over to my old steelhead rod that was collecting dust (8′ 6″) and have been hooked ever since.  That rod is no longer built or manufactured but it sure is a great rod for walleye bottom bouncer trolling.

I’ve had a few friends try these walleye rods (I tell them to get the 8′ 6″) from cabela’s and they seem to like them a lot.  Not sure if they understand why I made them purchase the longer rods but I can tell you it is way better to land fish with these longer rods, because I simply tell them to keep the rod tip up over everyone’s head and by doing that they bring the fish right to the boat and many times I can grab the fish right out of the water.  River walleye fishing all day can wear you out and I will stay out from dawn to dusk in the summer because I love it that much.  My good buddy will oftentimes come home from work and meet me at the bank to do some evening walleye fishing and we love it.  It doesn’t matter if it reaches 100 degrees during the day, I still stay out there and so will he.

Another site I have spent some time on but quickly found out that fishing in Oregon for walleye (Columbia River) is walleye central. They have some forums that are pretty good but wish they have more local stuff.

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