Top 10 Walleye Lures

favorite walleye crankbaitJust last week I received an email titled the Top 10 Walleye Lures.  Boy was I excited to see that title and I quickly clicked on the link and opened up my email.  After reading about 5 paragraphs of useless crud, sales pitches and other junk I finally got to the meet of the email.  I was a little surprised to see that the author listed the top 10 walleye lures in reverse order.  He started with the number 10 lure and worked his way to number 1.  This picture to the left is my second favorite crankbait for walleye and I have caught a lot of fish on it, including bass, trout and steelhead.

I can assure you walleye lures in our neck of the woods are a lot different than the ones listed on that email.  In fact in one certain place on the Columbia river if I showed that email to walleye fisherman they would all laugh at it.  You see, there are not to many people who would be using half that top 10 list because there truly is only about a top 3 list for walleye lures.

The preferred method of walleye fisherman in the John Day pool (runs from below McNary Dam to John Day Dam) could be summerized into these three methods of catching walleye:

Top Walleye Fishing Lures and Baits

  1. Spinner rigs with bottom bouncers
  2. blade baits
  3. whistler jigs
  4. crankbaits

blade baitsI am not even sure if I could even throw in a number 5 in that list.  By far the best walleye lures is the spinner rigs and the majority of fisherman on the Columbia use this method.  However, some of the better walleye fisherman are jig fisherman and during tournaments you will see them using the walleye fishing techniques of up-down, up-down, up-down through an entire run on a particular area.  There fishing tips or should I saw rod tips are constantly moving and they catch their fair share of fish.  Most of these jugs will purchase a bulk bag of blade baits like you see in the picture and they will add their own colors to them. Some guys will make their own blade baits using a mold and then they will add a bend to help it vibrate even more.

One thing I can assure you is that it is very difficult to catch walleye from shore.  At least on this stretch of the river.  One place you will not have difficulty catching walleye from shore is on the Hudson or Mohawk rivers and even Roosevelt Lake in Washington.  Just remember Lake Roosevelt is the pool of water behind Grand Coulee Dam.  We have had success catching walleyes (especially at night) from shore.  We do use the cast and reel method for night fishing walleyes but I have watched a few people catching walleyes below bobbers at night.  Personally I would rather feel the bite than have to watch a bobber between dozing off periods.

OK, before I forget I want to show you the 1o list of walleye fishing lures and let you determine if this list is close to what you were thinking for your area of fishing.  I am sure this could a good list for fisherman in the midwest but out in the west where we do a lot of river fishing this list isn’t even close.

Best Walleye Lures

#10 Marabou Jig

The Marabou Jig is a great tool to work
with. I have also used it to catch pike
and bass so if you often fish for
different types of fish you can go with
this one and use it on a regular basis.

I tend to use them for walleye in the
spring time and have gotten me some very
nice looking ones with it.

#9 Spinner Bait

I like the Spinner Bait because it is a
stretchable option. It has been great
for walleye and I find it is a snap to
put onto the hook. In fact, it was one
that I used above all others for a very
long time.

It just seemed that I got walleye every
time I used it. I think that it is the
pattern that the fish see when it spins
that makes it so attractive to them in
the water.

#8 DareDevil

This is more than 100 years old and
they got it right so long ago. Even with
all of the updated fishing stuff out
there I still like to use this one.

I have used it for my kids too because
that is what I went fishing for walleye
with when my grandpa and my own dad took
me on those memorable trips long ago.

#7 Storm Thunder Crank

There are many forms of crank bait out
there but the Storm Thunder Crank leaves
them in the dust. The action of it is
very hard to explain but you have to try

I promise that you won't be
disappointed in the least. The silver
pattern that it offers is very
attractive to walleye.

#6 Lure

It is fitting that this one is in the
#6 position right? There is just nothing
as universal for catching walleye as the
#6 lure. You may have tried some cheap
imitations of it but I am telling you
that this is something you need to have
with your tackle if you are serious
about getting your hands on some nice
sized walleye.

#5 The Rapala Long Cast

I got this as a gift and it was in my
tackle for a very long time before I
gave it a try just because of the other
great lures I already had to use. I was
impressed with it though from the first
time I got it out of the package.

It also allowed me to cast my line out
further than what I am often able to do
with other lures so that was definitely
a bonus. The pattern on it is green and
that has been very good when I go to
Minnesota and North Dakota for a weekend
of walleye fishing.

#4 Wooly Hawg Craw

The Wooly Hawg Craw is offered by Yum
Baits. It can be hard to find but if you
don't see it locally shop for one online
to see how it does for you.

I am telling you that you will get some
large sized walleye with it.

#3 Chompers Tube

This offers a scent on the tubes and
they have a wide hook. There are few
walleye out there that won't be
interested in this. They have a strong
smell though so don't open them up until
you get to the fishing location!

#2 JB Lure Vibra Flash

This is a spinner type of lure that is
a bit higher priced than others but I
really recommend it for walleye. I think
it tricks them and I have always done
well with them. There are two and three
pronged ones and I find those with three
prongs are the best.

#1 Jig and Grub Combo

You simply can't beat how versatile
this overall design happens to be. I
still use this and it fits well for me.
I often use it without thinking twice
and often have to tell myself to give
other lures a fair chance from time to
time when I go out fishing.

All I can say is that fishing walleyes is a lot of fun and regardless if you agree with this top 10 list or not, at least you have some new presentations to think about on days that the walleye are off the bite.

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